New shrimp tank and aquarium water chiller

Last week I started a new crystal shrimp tank , because the fish in the 40 centimeters cube tank , always hunt for shrimp , and Miley want to see more shrimp than fish.

For a new tank those equipment should be installed:

A new ultra clear glass tank, 50 cent-meters long 35 centimeters width and 30 cent-meters height .

A main pump filter with biologic material, so I use eheim classic 250 with it’s biologic media substrat pro, it consume 8 watts power per hour and has a water flow highest to 440 litres per hour.

A pre-filter with mechanical material ,I use sunsun HB602 with eheim mech-pro, this filter is very small, only half box mech-pro media can be filled in , this media is very light and easy to clean.

An air pump, for a shrimp tank, oxygen is very important , I use eheim air 400 , it’s provide an air flow four hundreds litres per hour with two out pipes.